Adding ‘Instagram Feed’ plugin to your website::

You can add your Instagram feed easily, through installing ‘Instagram Feed’ to your Word Press website. This Youtube video shows how you can install this plugin.  There are few steps to installing this customizable plugin to display your Instagram profile on your website.
1. Hover over Plugins in the toolbar > then click ‘Add New’Search for ‘ Instagram Feed’ (by Smash Balloon) > Click install > Click Activate.
2. Then  click ‘Instagram Feed’ on the toolbar > then click on the blue button that reads ‘+Connect an Instagram account. > enter your username and password > Click ‘Authorize’ 
3. You’ll then see your profile picture & username appear below the blue connect button > click the gray colored button ‘Add to another feed’ > Copy the first shortcode that appears.
4. Then on the toolbar hover over ‘Appearance’ > click on ‘Widgets’ > Click on ‘Text’>Click  ‘Add Widget’

5. Then this will appear on the right.

6. You will then paste your shortcode in the text space and press ‘Save’
7.You can then go to the Customize tab found when you click on the ‘Instagram Feed’ on the toolbar. You are able to change the numbers of rows and columns you want to appear as well as the background color of your IG feed. It should look something like this>>

Y’all got this!*~*~*~

Vintage Travel posters!~!

This past week we put our CT 101 spin on travel posters. These two posters I saw these to on this Tumblr website. We used Photoshop and the rectangular marquee tool and the fill option to match the background colors needed. The poster above shows a part of Machu Picchu in Perú. Below I wrote some of the skills students learn and use in CT 101. Here is an article about Machu Picchu on National Geographic. Venice, Italy is a beautiful city and a major travel destination and this poster is aesthetically beautiful. Using the content aware option with the rectangular marquee tool was essential in editing the travel posters.